Tax Lies and Red Tape – Dawie Roodt with Linette Retief


Tax, Lies and Red Tape is an insightful, easy-to-understand, very opinionated book about economics by one of South Africa’s most experienced and controversial economists. Dawie Roodt argues that economics is not about numbers, graphs and statistics; it is about people, and about how they react to incentives. Unfortunately, our politicians seem to have forgotten this.
Using simple concepts and thought-provoking anecdotes, the book explains how ‘the market’ evolved with humanity, what was wrong with communism, what the global fi nancial crisis is really about, the ways in which the state spends your money (and the ways in which it actually should), how tax is collected, how money and inflation really work, the ins and outs of trade, and the ups and downs of labour.
In the process, Roodt debunks politically correct thinking and current government policy, and suggests alternatives for a more effective system. Whether you agree with him or not, Tax, Lies and Red Tape will get you thinking about economics in a completely new way.
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ISBN 9781770224810
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Published August 2013
Penguin Random House South Africa


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