Grade 11 Life Sciences 3 in 1 CAPS


This book covers the Grade 11 CAPS curriculum as implemented in 2013.

It offers:

  • Comprehensive NOTES per module
  • Questions, ‘Rapid fires’ per module
  • Detailed memos

The notes, questions and answers in this book transform a content-heavy Grade 11 curriculum into manageable and accessible study material.

The explanations are clear-cut and easy to comprehend. Learners are given an insight into the linked interaction of all living things.

Bulleted summaries and clear diagrams enhance the learning experience and boost understanding of challenging topics. The graded questions (and answers) provided for each unit secure thorough mastery of the challenges of this major subject and the ‘Rapid fire’ questions at the end of each module test and ensure the consolidation of essential terminology. Extension questions develop the learner’s examination skills and perception of the biological world. This study guide advantages learners of all levels of ability to achieve their best results.

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Liesl Sterrenberg & Helena Fouché

ISBN: 9781920558253


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