Grade 10 Life Sciences 3 in 1 CAPS


This study guide was written according to the requirements outlined in the CAPS document.

It offers:

  • Comprehensive NOTES per module
  • Questions and ‘Rapid fires’ per module
  • Detailed memos

This book is a valuable introduction to the basic concepts which are encountered in Grade 10, thereby creating a thorough grounding for Life Sciences in Grades 11 and 12.

The subject material is logically organised into units with clear, point-form summaries that simplify the curriculum content into accessible, easy-to-understand sections. The questions and answers stimulate the development of the learner’s scientific skills and contribute to their understanding of the links between Life Sciences and their environment. The ‘Rapid fire’ questions at the end of each module test and ensure the consolidation of essential terminology. Working through the material systematically, and throughout the year, will enable learners to excel in this subject.

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Liesl Sterrenberg & Helena Fouché

ISBN: 9781920297855


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