Zoya – Danielle Steel


One woman’s odyssey through a century of turmoil …St Petersburg: one famous night of violence in the October Revolution ends the lavish life of the Romanov court forever – shattering the dreams of young Countess Zoya Ossupov. Paris: under the shadow of the Great War, emigres struggle for survival as taxi drivers, seamstresses and ballet dancers. Zoya flees there in poverty – and leaves in glory. America: a glittering world of flappers, fast cars and furs in the Roaring Twenties; a world of comfort and cafe society that would come crashing down without warning. Zoya, living through it all, faces challenges and triumphs with an indomitable spirit. In Zoya, Danielle Steel has created a true heroine through masterful storytelling.

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  •  Hardback | 416 pages
  • 108 x 192 x 27mm | 224g
  • 05 Jul 2012
  •  Guild Publishing
  • Used copy: Condition Good
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
  • CN 3012


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