Whispers through the trees – Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen


Abby Stanton, a noted East Coast bird specialist, rushes home to the magnificent San Jan Islands in Pacific Northwest after a terrible car accident leaves her sister Mary paralysed from the waist down. While there, Abby spots a rare and endangered marbled murrelet and its mate. Determined to save them, she finds herself caught up in fascinating intrigue and one of the long-time families on Sparrow Island. Will Abby’s quest for the birds draw her back home? What adventures await her in this marvellous place of serene beauty? Join Abby as she begins her new calling as an amateur sleuth, with God’s still, soft voice guiding her way

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Original Title: Whispers Through the Trees (Mysteries of Sparrow Island) (Mysteries of Sparrow Island)
ISBN: 078629776X
ISBN13: 9780786297764
Edition: Hardcover
Series: Mysteries of Sparrow Island #1