When Heaven is Silent – Ronald Dunn


When you are hurting, and the cries of your heart seem to bounce off the heavens, where do you go? When you ask why? and only silence answers back, what do you believe? When circumstances crush your hope, and only the darkness of pain remains, what are you going to do? Ronald Dunn takes you on a journey through the storms of life and leads you into the light and love of a sovereign God who holds your pain and sorrow in His nail-scarred hands. Learn how to see God at work in difficult circumstances with this empathetic and insightful look at suffering and loss. And so I say that faith is not necessarily the power to make things the way we want them to be; it is the courage to face things as they are.?

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Christian Living
Product Type Book
Product Language English
Publishers GS Media
Bindings Paperback
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Pages 224
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