Stones against the mirror – Hugh Lewin


A brave and moving memoir which is both a family history and a story of friendship and betrayal between people caught up in the wrenching forces of the South African Struggle. It is framed as a journey between two railway stations. The departure is from Park station Johannesburg and the destination is York station in Britain. It is an actual journey and the arrival at York is a real event, but it is also a symbolic journey in which Lewin describes his progress towards a meeting with Adrian Leftwich, the man who betrayed him to the Security Police in 1964. Park station is the point of departure because it was the site in 1964 of the station bomb planted by John Harris who was associated with the cell in which Lewin operated. The book therefore has a quest structure. After 40 years, Lewin is determined to meet with his long-term friend Leftwich both to find out what happened at his trial and to deal with the emotions of anger and bitterness that have assailed him ever since. Lewin’s subject is the culpability of betrayal.


Imprint: Umuzi
Country of origin: South Africa
Release date: April 2011
Authors: Hugh Lewin
Dimensions: 221 x 145 x 14mm
Format: Paperback

Used copy: Very Good condition

Pages: 189
ISBN-13: 978-1-4152-0148-0
Barcode: 9781415201480


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