SOLAR CASE SPEAKER for Solar Audio Bible


The MegaVoice Solar Case Speaker with built-in amplifier helps your ministry reach more listeners when using MegaVoice Envoy S Dual, Envoy S, Story Teller, and Diplomat audio Bibles. CE-certified 3W Solar Case Speaker has a stylish, hard exterior and padded protective internal shell. Unit is powered by 5.5V solar panel that can charge a MegaVoice audio Bible player or any other device that charges with low power USB. Mini and micro USB cables and a 30 pin iPod connector are included.

 To increase audio levels, just plug connector cable into a MegaVoice audio Bible earbud jack. Turn the Solar Case Speaker power on and use audio player to adjust the volume. For safe storage or transportation, slip audio Bibles behind stretching bands and zip the case closed. Comes with shoulder strap and carabiner clip.

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  • Solar powered case speaker amplifier
  • CE certified
  • Hard exterior black case provides durability
  • Padded interior adds protection for audio player
  • Black interior bands hold multiple sized players
  • Shoulder strap & carabiner clip
  • Solar panel: 5.5V / 70mA 0.38W
  • Li-battery: 2000mAh
  • DC input: 5.0V / 500mA
  • DC output: 5.5V / 300 ~ 500mA
  • Fully charged battery play time: more than 10 hours
  • Battery life time: 500 times (charge recycle)
  • Volume level in DB: 3W, 86DB
  • Material: EVA
  • 11 ounces • 312 grams
  • 7.25″ x 3.75″ x 1.75″ • 18.5 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm


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