Pharos: Afrikaans vir almal – Isabel Uys



This brand new title is the first grammar reference book based on CAPS. It comprises two parts. The first part includes grammar rules and reference lists, and the second general knowledge facts about South Africa and the rest of the world.
CAPS requirements for English Home Language and First and Second Additional Language are fundamental to the topics discussed in this book. These topics include, amongst others, punctuation, contractions, part of speech, literal and figurative meaning, sounds of things and animals, tenses, synonyms and antonyms, homonyms and homophones and borrowed words. It also contains a list with useful literary terms such as hyperbole, onomatopoeia and personification, as well as useful notes on written work.
The second part of the book focuses on general knowledge facts such as the national symbols of South Africa, who our neighboring countries are, where our eleven official languages are spoken, who the world leaders are, what currencies are used where, and great inventions of the world.
The simple layout and clear guidance make this title a must -have for each and every learner who wants to pass English as a Home, First or Second Additional Language. It is also a useful reference for adults.
*The English equivalent of this publication is also available under the title English for All.

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Author: Isabel Uys
Category: Reference
ISBN: 9781868901951
Date Released: 14 August 2015
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Format: Soft cover, 312pp


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