Pandora’s Sisters – Michael Stephen Fuchs


So says a woman with an axe pressed to her neck, and the solution to the entire mystery of human existence clutched between her palms. Two weeks earlier, Kate Quinlan was just your average British expat with a PhD, working in Silicon Valley as an artificial-intelligence designer for ultra-violent video games, spending the evenings hanging out with her pet chimp – and wondering how something as weird as human consciousness could have evolved through mere Darwinian selection. But when a disconcertingly attractive behavioural geneticist and a hotshot cryptologist stroll into her life, she begins looking for answers in the backwaters of the human genome – the 97 per cent written off as ‘junk DNA’. And when men in strange hats come looking for her hard drive, shooting first and never really asking any questions, she finds herself on the run – pursued by multiple squads of heavily-armed religious zealots, the Feds, and worse. All seek to obtain, or to suppress forever, the key to the revelatory stretch of DNA known as the Pandora Sequence.

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  • Paperback | 308 pages
  • 124 x 196 x 24mm | 222.26g
  • 01 Jan 2009
  • Pan MacMillan
  • Pan Books
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
  • 0230531261
  • 9780230531260


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