Grade 12 Maths Literacy 3 in 1 CAPS


This 3 in 1 study guide has been developed with meticulous care for the many learners enrolled for this popular subject.

It contains:

  • Comprehensive Notes and Worked Examples for all 7 topics
  • Exercises and ‘Test your Understandings’ for each topic
  • Detailed Answers with Explanations & handy hints

It provides concise, accessible notes, clear worked examples and reinforcement of  concepts through graded exercises and tests.

This book, a highly recommended, stand-alone guide to guaranteed success, caters for a wide spectrum of learners and stimulates interest and enjoyment of the curriculum content, and is all you need in order to prepare for the final Maths Literacy exam.

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Susan Nicol, et al.

ISBN: 978-0-920568-70-2


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