Grade 12 Maths 2 in 1 CAPS


In the first section of this study guide, questions have been arranged in separate TOPICS, enabling learners to master one section at a time. The questions are graded and grouped to help learners grow in understanding, confidence and expertise. They cover not only the Grade 12 content, but all prior (Grade 10 & 11) concepts essential for understanding and success.

In the second section, the 7 exam papers have been compiled according to the National Exam Guidelines and take cognitive levels and weighting per topic into account. Care has been taken to select questions across these 7 exams so as to cover all aspects and techniques of all topics comprehensively.

Useful notes, summaries and ‘advice boxes’ are offered throughout.

This bestseller provides excellent preparation for CAPS and IEB matriculants throughout the year and has seen many learners succeeding beyond their expectations in this vital subject.

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Anne Eadie and Gretel Lampe

ISBN: 978-1-920568-68-9

This 2 in 1 study guide offers Grade 12 learners a unique method of mastering and excelling in matric maths. Learners are drawn into a carefully constructed question and answer ‘ladder’ of development and support. This book contains an extremely comprehensive, methodically arranged compilation of exam questions and answers, appropriate for the NATIONAL and IEB Mathematics exams. The carefully scaffolded questions also cover both the Grade 11 and 12 content which is included in the final exam.

The book has TWO distinct sections:

  • Topic-based Questions & Solutions – to develop a thorough understanding of theory, techniques & concepts in each topic.
  • 14 CAPS Exam Papers with detailed solutions, compiled from past National and IEB exams.


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