Grade 10 History 3 in 1 CAPS


This valuable study guide, based on the CAPS curriculum, covers 6 topics and, for each topic, includes:

  1. Comprehensive Notes, Key Terms & Timelines
  2. Questions & Essays
  3. Answers to questions and essays

plus: Exam Papers & Memos

This book is a well-substantiated portrayal of the periods and cultures covered by the Grade 10 History curriculum. Many photographs and excerpts are used to contextualise events and make the subject accessible. The key terms and timelines provide easy referencing for every topic.

A wide variety of source-based and essay questions are supplied and the detailed answers and model essays explicitly illustrate the skills that learners are being expected to master. This book is a valuable tool for establishing a sound understanding of the History curriculum.

Teachers can request a free image CD to accompany the use of this book in the classroom. This CD also shows learners how mind-maps can be used as a way of summarizing key content.

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Geoff Olivier

ISBN: 9781920297916


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