A New Kind of Christian – Brian D. McLaren


A Leadership Network Publication A New Kind of Christian ‘s conversation between a pastor and his daughter’s high school science teacher reveals that wisdom for life’s most pressing spiritual questions can come from the most unlikely sources. This stirring fable captures a new spirit of Christianity–where personal, daily interaction with God is more important than institutional church structures, where faith is more about a way of life than a system of belief, where being authentically good is more important than being doctrinally “right,” and where one’s direction is more important than one’s present location. Brian McLaren’s delightful account offers a wise and wondrous approach for revitalizing Christian spiritual life and Christian congregations.

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  • Paperback | 324 pages
  • 138 x 208 x 16mm | 322.05g
  • 22 Jul 2008
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • John Wiley & Sons Ltd
  • Chichester, United Kingdom
  • English
  • 0470248408
  • 9780470248409


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